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At Wealthyer, our mission is to grow global wealth by safeguarding and expanding the world's top companies and institutions.

We achieve this through delivering innovative AI-driven solutions, comprehensive risk management, and strategic growth consulting tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our Services

AI Practice Launch

Develop and launch AI solutions tailored for financial institutions, including market analysis, strategy development, solution prototyping, and go-to-market strategies.

Risk and Compliance Consulting

Provide comprehensive risk assessment and compliance strategies using AI and real-time data to help financial institutions manage risks effectively and comply with regulatory requirements.

Growth Strategy and Implementation

Offer industry-specific growth consulting to drive profitability and market expansion for global financial institutions, using data-driven strategies to optimize operations and maximize revenue.

Wealth Management Consulting

Provide strategic advice on wealth management for financial institutions, helping them to optimize their investment strategies and improve client services.

The Wealthyer Leadership Team

Jacob Vandersteen

Founder & CEO

Padel Lattimer

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ron Ramanujam

Managing Partner Implementation

Dmitry Lelchuk

Managing Partner AI

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